Save Money: Keep Your Gas Tank Full

It is that time of year again, temperatures are dropping and snow is starting to fall. While you may have been able to let your gas tank go all the way to empty during warm weather, here are some reasons to keep your gas tank full during cold weather:

  • Ice-During cold weather if you do not have enough gas in your tank it can freeze and you will not be able to start your car.
  • Dirt-Sometimes dirt can find its way into your gas tank and if you let your gas tank run low you risk the dirt traveling to other parts of your engine.
  • Fuel Pump-Gas acts as a coolant for the fuel pump; if you are running low on gas it puts unnecessary stress on the fuel pump.

Here at Wolfchase Chrysler Dodge Jeep, we want to make sure all drivers have a safe winter driving season and if you have any questions about your automobile come see us.

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